Environmental Graphic Design

In January 2020, two schools within Liberty University merged to create one large, creative school, now known as the School of Communication and the Arts (SCA). There are five departments within SCA: Cinematic Arts, Theatre Arts, Digital Media & Journalism, Strategic & Personal Communication, and Studio & Digital Arts.


The Problem:
The newly formed School of Communication and the Arts does not possess a cohesive visual aesthetic to be applied to collateral material and environmental spaces commonly utilized by the school. A cohesive visual aesthetic is a necessary component of recruitment and retention within SCA. It will not only unify the school visually, but it will lay the groundwork for an environment that encourages creativity and cultivates collaboration within the SCA students, faculty, and staff. 


The Solution:
To remedy the stated problem, Studio and Digital Arts Students are working with faculty to gain real-world experience in research and environmental graphic design in pursuit of a cohesive visual aesthetic which can be applied to materials/spaces for the School of Communication and the Arts.

This project was completed by multiple graduate and undergraduate students at Liberty University